Each story deserves to be captured. Forever.


In each one of us, there is warmth that I want to capture in photos and keep it in your memory for many years to come. A uniqueness of a smile and a particular moment become your past way too quickly. Memories can fade, whereas photos remain a part of your story forever. These heart moments are yours and mine, unrepeatable and unforgettable. Thank you for visiting my page.

choose your moment

Are you asking yourself who would capture your wedding on camera the best, who you would get along with and spend time with on your wedding day? Let’s meet each other. You can later decide whether my energy is the right fit for you. If my photos have convinced you, I am looking forward to your inquiry.

Family photoshoots are cheerful. Small feet or a baby bump – I love capturing those genuine looks and gentle kisses. Working with a lovely couple or a big family with a pet is always fun. I am looking forward to your inquiry.

Maternity photos are really unrepeatable. We decide for photographing in 8th month of pregnancy usually, if you would like before, there is no problem. Take a look at my maternity dresses from my wordrobe, that will emphasise belly. I will look forward to your inquiry.

My photography studio is located in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. I renovated place in 2020 so now I have 3 different scenes for catching beautiful family and maternity moments! Also Cake smash for birthday of your children. 

Dunja Košuta, photographer with bachelor degree from visual communications 

I am Dunja Košuta, a young photographer who always carries a smile on her face, and I want to keep your playfulness and warmth in your memories. I am thankful for being able to capture your moments of happiness on my camera. I hope my photos give life to the white walls of the house and fill them with the love of your family. I hope that the genuine smiles and kisses from your wedding day bring new energy into your wedding photo album. I hope the hugs of your partner and children remain captured forever as a moment in time. What creates a magical moment and an enchanting photograph is the easiness in front of the camera. I long for new acquaintances, new experiences and new moments. As we create together, we also grow and give each other new energy.

My photographs contain warm colours with prevailing yellow, orange and brown hues. I adore colours in general. They are the ones that make life more interesting, as well as bring photographs alive. Such warm shades bring out the sensuality, sincerity, kind-heartedness and tenderness of the people in the photos even more.

Family photoshoot in nature.

  • I help you to choose the right location 
  • We are visiting places from Goriška brda, Nova Gorica, Bovec, Piran, Ljubljana and farther
  • I advise what to wear for a photoshoot
  • Photos are taken in the evening hours, before the sunset
  • We are together around 1 hour, that children don’t lose motivation and they still have fun 
  • After a photoshooting you go home with a smile on your face  

FAMILY OPINION: ” we are looking at pictures already a whole day and they are really wonderful. As I don’t have even words how to overpraise you. All three of them and four of them are really thanking you for an experience and wonderful photographs. I am barely waiting for our next meeting in January or February. Do beautifully and be a so creative, pleasant and energetic person still ahead as it is you.”

Maternity photoshoot

You are waiting 9 months, that you will hug and kiss your child. What about feelings in this time. Belly grows, expectations are increasingly larger.
Wouldn’t be wonderful, when we could show after few years the heartly photographs of you, wearing the maternity gown long dress ? Let’s meet.


Thinking of an engagement? How to surprise her?
Photographing an engagement is so emotional, it would be a shame not to capture such a moment on photos. I offer you help, advice, choosing a location, giving directions, bringing props etc. I will make sure that this day is really special for you. I look forward to your message.


Are you in search of a wedding photographer, that will bring you much laughter and friendlinesses in your day? People are relaxed in my society, I like having fun and I catch smiles all around. Hugs, tears of happiness, kisses, lets create wonderful wedding story and let photographs keep these moments forever.

I am accepting already first reservations for 2022 and I am waiting for your questions. I am convinced, that we can find the common way of an unforgettable experience.